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Our web pages do not contain any contact information for Parish Councillors. Where possible we have provided a link to the Parish Council's own website where contact information should be available.

If you wish to find out more information about a particular Parish Council please contact the Clerk. In instances where no contact details are given for the Clerk further information should be available from the Staffordshire Parish Councils Association or telephone 01785 277499/895353.

Saredon Parish Council


The parish is made up of four main communities which are Wedges Mills, Laney Green, Great Saredon and Little Saredon. The parish also has links with Cannock, which is the nearest town centre.

There are 7 parish councillors, all local people representing local views and who meet once a month to discuss local issues. Meetings are held in Wedges Mills Village Hall, usually on the first Monday of the month.



For more information on this Parish Council please contact the Clerk.



Contact information

Mrs C Gracey (Clerk)



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