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LGiU Members' Assembly



 LGiU Members’ Assembly Representatives Job Description


 Attend and participate in Member Assembly meeting (1 per year)

 Raise the views of their authority/trade union in relation to the policy direction of the LGiU and the services required from the LGiU

 Ensure their authority/trade union gets best value from the LGiU by checking that everyone knows how to best use the service and that LGiU information is distributed to those who can use it

 Participate in discussions about national issues and deepen their own and their authorities’ understanding of the national policy framework and its implications

 Widen their understanding of LGiU governance, opening up the future opportunity of serving on the Executive Board (EB) and participating on the national stage

 Assist in promoting LGiU campaigns

 Ensure that their views feed into national consultation by Select Committees or government departments where appropriate

 Attend the LGiU AGM and feed back on the agreed business plan and policy proposals to their authority/trade union

 Act as diverse role models for young and new councillors, encouraging them to take an interest in the LGiU and to extend their understanding and experience of local government by becoming involved in LGiU governance.

 Become eligible for election to, and be entitled to vote for, the LGiU’s Executive Board members and Chair and Vice Chairs at three-yearly intervals or when a by-election becomes necessary.


In fulfilling this role the LGiU will ensure that the Member Assembly representative receives all the information produced by the LGiU and all the support required. The EB will mentor Member Assembly representatives if this is appropriate.

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Debra Stanislas
Office Manager, LGiU

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