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HGV restriction,traffic calming

Restrict HGVs on the Main Street/Rosliston road from the hours of 9pm to 6am. Place traffic calming on the section of Rosliston road from Saxon street to south Derbyshire boundary.

As currently the only over 7.5 tonne access route to Dracon village development the new power station and Industrial/logistics site(ex Bullivants )the amount of increased HGV usage is passing through a residential area at day and night causing disturbances and damage to roads and property.
The section of road from Saxon street to south Derbyshire boundary has four schools, nursery, care homes and residential of which pupils and residents pass over from each side of the adjoining estates causing a concern for safety due to volume and speed of vehicles.

Started by: Mark Bullock (Stapenhill parish council)

This ePetition ran from 20/04/2023 to 04/09/2023 and has now finished.

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Council response

Dear Mr Bullock

RECEIPT OF PETITION – HGV Restrictions and Traffic Calming

I refer to the petition, signed by local residents regarding the request for a weight restriction and traffic calming measures on Main Street and Rosliston Road from the hours of 9pm to 6am. I can advise you that receipt of the petition will be reported to County Councillor Julia Jessel.

In order to consider any of these solutions The Council would need to conduct a feasibility study in the first instance to understand the issue with traffic data and consider what is appropriate, as well as provide estimated costs of any solution that is considered possible.

Funding for such a study is only available via the County Councillors Divisional Highway Programme (DHP) which lists all requests for traffic and parking management in their Division to enable them to prioritise a small number of issues to progress each financial year.
There are many competing demands for this annual fund so it is not possible to confirm how quickly the concerns of local residents will be prioritised for further investigation.

This location has not been prioritised for this years DHP by the local County Councillor however it has been shared with the local Community Highways Team to consider for future programmes.

The Council acknowledges that residents in some parts of Staffordshire are concerned about heavy commercial vehicle (HCV) movements through the places where they live.

Our Community Traffic Management Officer has investigated the HCV’s using Main Street and Rosliston road and has determined the increase in volume of these types of vehicles is due to the new Drakelow Housing estate that is being constructed. Most weight restrictions “allow for access” meaning a weight restriction on this route would not reduce the number of HCVs using it whilst this development is ongoing. With this in mind it is expected that HCV usage will reduce on this route once the development has been completed.

With respect to Saxon Street, There is already a Weight Restriction prohibiting vehicles over 7.5 tonne from using this road. This does not, however, prohibit vehicles requiring access for delivery to premises within the restricted area.

The enforcement of vehicular weight restrictions is a resource-intensive operation that has to be undertaken by police. They have powers available to them to stop drivers and question them regarding the purpose of their journey and their destination.

If you believe that HCVs are regularly using this route in breach of the Traffic Regulation Order, which is the legal framework that allows the restriction to be enforced, then your concerns should be reported to the police via their non-emergency contact channels.

I hope that the above is of assistance and provides you with some further clarity on the vehicle weight restriction.

Yours sincerely
Richard Rayson
Community Highways Manager