Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Sale of Seabridge Centre Site21/09/2022For Determination19/10/2022
Staffordshire County Council Local Flood Risk Management Strategy21/09/2022For Determination14/12/2022
Strategic Plan and Medium Term Financial Strategy 2023 - 202815/09/2022For Determination04/01/2023
Strategic Plan and Medium Term Financial Strategy 2023 - 202815/09/2022For Determination14/12/2022
Early Help Strategy15/09/2022For Determination19/10/2022
Homes for Ukraine15/09/2022For Determination14/12/2022
Integrated Performance Report - Quarter 3, 2022/2315/09/2022For Determination15/02/2023
Nexxus Trading Services Limited - Annual Report 21/2210/08/2022For Determination19/10/2022
Recommissioning of the Domestic Abuse Contract10/08/2022For Determination19/10/2022
Review of Business Case for the Development of Council Owned Older People's Nursing Homes10/08/2022For Determination14/12/2022
Climate Change Action Plan and Climate Change Annual Report10/08/2022For Determination16/11/2022
High Needs Capital Funding 2022-2410/08/2022For Determination19/10/2022
Final Recommendations for the Future Commissioning Arrangements for Supported Living Services in Staffordshire10/08/2022For Determination19/10/2022
Award approval for the Framework Agreement the Provision and Installation of PVC-U Windows, Aluminium Doors and Ancillary Work – Non-Domestic12/07/2022For Determination19/10/2022
Integrated Performance Report - Quarter 2, 2022/2317/05/2022For Determination19/10/2022
Family Hub Model08/04/2022For Determination19/10/2022