Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Entrust Service Delivery Agreement17/05/2022For Determination15/06/2022
Indemnity Clauses and Decision Making for Looked After Children - Use of Unregulated placements - Update17/05/2022For Determination15/06/2022
Highways Future Delivery Model17/05/2022For Determination20/07/2022
Integrated Performance Report - Quarter 2, 2022/2317/05/2022For Determination19/10/2022
Integrated Performance Report - Quarter 1, 2022/2317/05/2022For Determination20/07/2022
Adult Social Care Reform Implementation10/05/2022For Determination21/09/2022
Extension to Newcastle Enterprise Centre project10/05/2022For Determination15/06/2022
Enhanced Delivery Model for Home Care10/05/2022For Determination20/07/2022
Section 75 Agreement for Adult Social Care Assessment and Case Management and Occupational Therapy in Staffordshire10/05/2022For Determination21/09/2022
Family Hub Model08/04/2022For Determination21/09/2022
Staffordshire Sustainability Board - Vision and council commitments22/03/2022For Determination15/06/2022
Final Financial Outturn 2021-2222/03/2022For Determination15/06/2022
Mobilisation of Staffordshire's Household Waste Recycling Centres08/03/2022For Determination15/06/2022
Families Health & Wellbeing (0-19) Service - from April 202408/03/2022For Determination21/09/2022
Digital Connectivity in Staffordshire18/02/2022For Determination15/06/2022
Corporate Delivery Plan 2022/2318/02/2022For Determination15/06/2022
North Staffordshire Local Air Quality Plan (NSLAQP)08/02/2022For Determination20/07/2022