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Recommission of Staffordshire Integrated Advocacy Services

22/07/2021 - Recommission of Staffordshire Integrated Advocacy Service


“The availability of a professional advocacy service is essential to provide support and a voice to those who, for a variety of reasons, may not otherwise be able to fully express what they want. Every year this service supports hundreds of people across the county to take more control of how they live their lives.”


Julia Jessel, Cabinet Member for Health and Care.



“Dealing with the authorities and institutions can be a daunting experience for any of us, let alone potentially vulnerable children and young people who need support at a key stage in their lives. The recommissioning of the Staffordshire Integrated Advocacy Service will provide the continuation of effective, focused help for those who need it most.”


Mark Sutton, Cabinet member for Children and Young People


Reasons for the Decision – To consider the options available for the procurement of Advocacy services.


Decision – (a) That the commencement of a competitive tender process to procure the commissioned service in accordance with Option A (recommission of an equivalent

Integrated Advocacy service model), as detailed in this report, be approved.


(b) That approval for the contract to be awarded and entered in to with the successful provider, following the competitive tender process, be delegated to the Director for Health and Care and the Deputy Chief Executive and Director for Families and Communities.