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Treasury Management Report for the half-year ended 30 September 2023

16/11/2023 - Treasury Management Report for the half-year ended 30 September 2023





“Staffordshire County Council is a well-run Council, and we continue to manage our finances prudently while doing and spending what is required. By using cash reserves rather than borrowing more, we have been able to achieve substantial savings in what remain challenging times. In addition to being prudent, our low-risk investment approach, which focuses on lending to low-risk institutions, means we have been well placed to deal with challenges arising from difficulties the current global economy presents.  


We remain committed to supporting local businesses along with providing access to funding, as we work to grow our economy. Like most Councils we face financial pressures, rising costs and uncertainty over the long-term funding of some services but we will continue to spend and invest where necessary, focusing our efforts and resources on where they are most needed.”  


Ian Parry, Cabinet Member for Finance and Resources 


Reasons for the Decision To consider a summary of the County Council’s borrowing and investment activities during the first six months of the year. 


Decision – (a) That the treasury management activities for the half-year ended 30 September 2023 be noted. 


(b) That the early repayment of £50 million of PWLB debt, as discussed in Paragraph 30 of the report, be noted.