Issue - decisions

Extension to the Dynamic Purchasing System Agreement for the supply of Residential and Nursing Care home placements

21/09/2023 - The Recommission of Shared Lives



“We want everyone in Staffordshire to lead the best and happiest lives they can.


For some adults requiring a helping hand, the Shared Lives service offers them the chance to get the care they need while sharing the home of specially trained carers and their families.


With the existing contract due for renewal, we want to recommission this important service to ensure people continue to receive the care they need and we continue to provide best value for the public purse.”


Julia Jessel, Cabinet Member for Health and Care


Reasons for the Decision – To consider the recommissioning of the Shared Lives service to provide continuity of care for individuals and ensure an ongoing good quality service that offers value for money.


Decision – (a) That the procurement of the Staffordshire Shared Lives service contract via a competitive tender, in order to appoint a suitable provider who can offer a good quality service and value for money, be approved.


(b) That approval for the contract to be awarded to the successful provider be delegated to the Director of Health and Care.


(c) That the extension of the current Shared Lives service contract for up to 12 months, in the event of an unsuccessful procurement, to enable the Council to consider alternative options, be approved.