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Staffordshire Climate Change Adaptation Strategy

21/09/2023 - Staffordshire Climate Change Adaptation Strategy


“Adapting to the impacts of climate change is just as important as reducing our carbon emissions and striving for net-zero.


Even if we cut our carbon emissions to zero overnight, the climate will continue to warm up and more extreme weather conditions will become commonplace. This means we need to start thinking widely and putting measures in place now that protect our communities, buildings, roads, environment, and economy.


The Staffordshire Adaptation Strategy is an important first step in this process.  Now, the task is to work together to better prepare ourselves to respond and adapt to the changing climate in the future.”


Simon Tagg, Cabinet Member for Environment, Infrastructure and Climate Change


Reasons for the Decision – To consider the Staffordshire Adaptation Strategy which will provide a suitable framework to allow individual councils to develop their own Adaptation delivery plans, encouraging consistency and partnership working across the councils and other partners in a collaborative nature.


Decision – (a) That the Staffordshire Adaptation Strategy be noted and approved.


(b) That the development of a Staffordshire County Council Adaptation Plan, that ensures all services and portfolios consider adaptation in their day-to-day work and decision making, be approved.