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Empowering our Communities

16/02/2023 - Empowering our Communities


“Our amazing communities across Staffordshire really are at the heart of what makes this county such a fantastic place to live.


Friends helping friends, neighbours helping neighbours and people stretching out a helping hand to those most in need, is what a makes a difference to the quality of so many people’s lives.


As a county council, we are committed to empowering our communities and in the last year this approach, with the support of our voluntary, community and public sector partners, helped more than 1,200 families improve their lives, supported just under 110,000 people through our community-based public health drives and distributed more than £200,000 worth of grants to help communities recover from the pandemic.


But we know together we can do even more, and in 2023 we aim to do just that by empowering our wonderful communities here in Staffordshire.”


Victoria Wilson, Cabinet Member for Communities and Culture


Reasons for the Decision – To consider the Communities Position Statement which reviews progress in 2021/22, provides a clear and detailed delivery plan for 2023, and sets out the Council’s intention to develop a long-term, innovative, and aspirational Communities Strategy for Staffordshire


Decision – (a) That the Communities Position Statement, including a review of the progress made with partners and communities in 2021/22, be approved.


(b) That the Communities Delivery Plan for 2023 be approved.


(c) That the proposal to engage with partners and communities to develop a long-term, innovative, and ambitious Communities Strategy for Staffordshire, be approved.