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Phase 3 Covid Vaccination Update

Report of the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG)


The Director of Primary Care and Medical Optimisation of the 6 Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent CCGs and Chair of the Programme Board were in attendance to provide an update on the current position relating to Phase 3 of the vaccination programme and take up of vaccinations.


The Programme Director presented information relating to the third primary dose for the immunosuppressed given 8 weeks after the second dose, the booster programme given 6 months after second dose and the children’s programme - both clinically vulnerable and vaccination in schools. Members understood the complexities of the programme, that each cohort had different vaccines, dosage type, booking routes and storage requirements, and where vaccinations would be available in the delivery model, including 1 vaccination site, pharmacies, hospital hubs, mobile provision and school delivery service.


Members welcomed the progress made, especially with 12-15 vaccination, and thanked all involved for the fast response from decision to delivery whilst also delivering booster and care home vaccination programmes.


Committee noted the following comments and responses to questions:

  The flu vaccine could be given at the same time as Covid vaccine, co-administration was possible but may be difficult to deliver depending on timing of delivery for Flu and Covid programmes.

  Children could express a wish to be vaccinated, in the absence of parental consent a conversation would be arranged for parent and child to talk through the process.

  Take up of vaccination across Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent cohorts 1-12 was good: 86% first dose and almost 80% fully dosed. For young people,16 and 17 year olds, 56% had received first dose and 12.5% clinically vulnerable had received a second dose.

  SCC care home staff had to be fully dosed by 18 November there was good update rate and no problems were anticipated. Front facing NHS and health and care staff were being encouraged to get vaccinated although this was not mandated.

  There was an increase in Covid case rates across Staffordshire and concerns were raised about the level of push back in communities from people who had not had the vaccine. Assurance was given that anyone could come forward and be vaccinated for the first time. Communications and themed campaigns were ongoing around maternity, pregnancy, fertility, and care homes.

  There was a steady flow of people coming forward for first dose from all cohorts and take up rates were going up, the most resistance was the 30-39 age group. Members were assured that work would continue to carry out targeted campaigns and take the vaccinations to the community.

  Members were encouraged to report pockets in communities and concerns about groups in their area not being vaccinated to the Local Outbreak Control LOC Group. 

  An all member Covid-19 Update seminar would be held 29 September 2021. It was suggested that members should circulate the links wider and that a slide about the flu roll out programme be added at the webinar.


The Chairman highlighted that the Vaccination Programme been running since November 2020 and he welcomed the success of the programme, speed of mobilisation and impact on Staffordshire residents.



1.      That the Covid-19 update was noted.


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