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Integrated Care System Update

Report of the Interim Chief Executive Designate,  Integrated Care Board ICB


The Interim Chief Executive Designate Integrated Care Board (ICB) provided a detailed report and presentation relating to the progress in the creation of the Integrated Care System (ICS), which included the development of the Integrated Care Partnership (ICP) and the recent recruitments to the Integrated Care Board ICB.

The CE ICB advised of the extended timeline for ICS which would now commence on the 1 July 2022. The three-month extended period from April to July would be used to develop the ICP and the governance structure that sits under the ICB. The ICP would oversee the development of the Health and Care Strategy for the ICS and holds the ICB to account for delivery of the strategy. The ICP strategy would be in place by March 2023.

Committee noted the significant challenges and opportunities to ICS at this time for both social care and health care.

In response to Members questions the following responses and clarification was provided:

·       The ICS strategy and timelines would be developed by ICP. At a system level the number of meetings held had been reduced. Patient and public participation groups (PPI) would be linked into the system level strategy to ensure that the needs of local people were heard and understood, and that organisational change would have impact on client experience on the ground. There was more to do on developing the strategy over the coming months.

·       Assurance was given that the public voice and public need would be considered in all portfolios during the design and development work, in particular that place infrastructure variation considered local access need and would follow the customer journey as part of the strategy.

·       Members encouraged community group and voluntary sector involvement in consultation on the strategy. The voluntary sector was a key partner around the table and there was a need to gather intelligence and data to develop the strategy.

·       The ICP strategy was at a very early stage, work on timelines and process was progressing and an update would be brought back to a future meeting.

·       Delivery would be via three place-based partnerships (Place): North Staffs and Stoke-on -Trent; South East Staffs; South West Staffs and a System Provider Collaborative.

·       All Staffordshire County, District and Borough Council Chief Executives and the CE ICS had recently met and talked about Place and how local districts could influence and be involved in the Place discussion and the wider determinants of health agenda. It was understood that the uniqueness of each geographical area had to be considered, e.g., outflows to other areas and the acute services contacted outside the area and that there was a need to involve and be influenced by the District and Borough agendas.

·       Assurance was provided that the ICS would build on existing arrangements where they were in place and try to mitigate differences.The ICS CE indicated that when first appointed much of his time had been dedicated to the booster vaccination roll out, but focus was now on the next steps for ICS. It was understood that Covid-19 vaccination programme had impacted on the consultation and development of the ICS framework and that any concern relating to consultation and debating should be made known.

·       A Member indicated that Councils were different organisationally to NHS bodies, they were Member led with a medium-term strategy and different pay and conditions, he highlighted the need to communicate, be open and engage with members across the County. 

·       It was explained that timelines were confined but that there was time to consult fully and prepare the legal framework to commence on 1 July 2022.It was anticipated that design would continue to be developed taking on board all aspects of public and partner considerations before the strategy was finalised in March 2023.


The Chairman indicated that Members would like to see the ICS strategy bring about tangible change for residents and an improved customer journey. The Committee had highlighted that the customer voice and geography of Place should be taken into account and that there was a need to involve the voluntary and community sector in shaping the strategy. 


The Chairman thanked the CE ICS for presenting the process and invited an update to a future meeting to provide more detail on the structure and progress.



  1. That the update report be noted and a further update be requested on developing the ICS in July 2022.


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