Staffordshire County Council Constitution - Wednesday 18th July 2012

Note: The Constitution has been updated with a change to the Delegations to the Cabinet Member for Finance and Transformation to deal with the Community Right to Challenge 

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Introduction to How the Council Works pdf icon PDF 25 KB

  • The County Council members, officers and citizens’ rights
  • The County Council and how decisions are made (including principles of decision making, Cabinet Decisions, definition of Key Decisions, definition of Scrutiny)


The Constitution pdf icon PDF 25 KB

  • Role, Purpose and Interpretation of the Constitution
  • Review of the Constitution
  • Suspension of the Constitution
  • Publication of the Constitution


Members of the County Council pdf icon PDF 21 KB

  • Composition, eligibility, election and terms of councillors
  • Roles, functions, rights and responsibilities of all councillors
  • Members Code of Conduct
  • Guidance on Member/Officer Relations
  • Staffordshire Local Community Fund
  • Members’ Allowances Scheme

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Citizens and the Council pdf icon PDF 27 KB

  • Citizen’s Rights including complaints
  • Petitions Scheme

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Full Council pdf icon PDF 26 KB

  • Purpose and Functions of Full Council (including Local Choice Functions)
  • Council Meetings (Including chairing meetings)
  • Budget and Policy Framework Procedure Rules

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Cabinet pdf icon PDF 40 KB

  • Executive Arrangements
  • Appointment and terms of office of Leader of the Council, Deputy Leader of the Council and Cabinet Members
  • Role of Cabinet, Cabinet Decisions and Cabinet Member Decisions
  • Procedure at Cabinet Meetings (including Conflict of Interest etc)
  • Consultation (including Boards)
  • Cabinet Member Responsibilities (Including General Delegations)
  • Local Choice Functions which are Cabinet Responsibilities
  • Terms of Reference for Boards and Cabinet Sub-Committees

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Select Committees pdf icon PDF 82 KB

  • General Role and Function of Select Committees
  • Terms of Reference
  • Membership and Cooption
  • Meetings of Select Committees
  • Work Programme and Budget
  • Cabinet Member Accountability, Officers Giving Account, Attendance by others
  • Policy Advisory Groups
  • Policy Review, Scrutiny Reports, Rights of Members to Documents
  • Call in


Other Committees pdf icon PDF 54 KB

  • Planning Committee
  • Audit and Standards Committee
  • Pensions Committee


Local Member Focus Events pdf icon PDF 29 KB

  • Role and Purpose
  • Membership
  • Meetings
  • Agenda and Work Programme
  • Relationship with Cabinet and Select Committees


Joint Arrangements pdf icon PDF 68 KB

  • Joint arrangements – General principles
  • Terms of Reference for existing arrangements.


Officers pdf icon PDF 43 KB

  • Management Structure
  • Statutory Officers
  • Conduct, Employment, Exercise of Delegated Powers and Finance, Legal and Contract matters
  • Scheme of Delegation
  • Local Code of Conduct for Officers
  • Whistle blowing Policy
  • Integrity Policy
  • Officer Employment Rules

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Procedural Standing Orders pdf icon PDF 79 KB


Access to Information Procedure Rules pdf icon PDF 55 KB


Financial Procedure Rules pdf icon PDF 428 KB

  • Financial Regulations
  • Procurement Rules (including Contract Standing Orders)

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