Outside body

Landfill, Opencast and Quarry Site Liaison Committee - Cocksparrow Lane Liaison Committee




·         The purpose of the committee is to provide a forum for discussion, the exchange of information and creation and maintenance of communication channels between the Owner and the local community.

·         To receive progress reports from the Owner regarding activities relating to the operation of the facility, including complaints received and any remedial action taken.

·         To consider complaints from the local community arising from the development carried out on the Site and if needed and where possible, agree remedial action.




·         A maximum of two employees on behalf of the Owner:

·         The elected councillor(s) on behalf of Staffordshire County Council;

·         The elected councillor(s) on behalf of South Staffordshire District Council;

·         One elected councillor on behalf of Huntington Parish Council;

·         Local residents who shall be appointed at the discretion of the Owner acting responsibly.




·         To also invite officers on behalf of Staffordshire County Council and South Staffordshire District Council;

·         To also invite other appropriate persons to attend meetings at the invitation and discretion of the committee such as (but not limited to) representatives on behalf of the Environment Agency.

Contact information

Amy Ward
Senior Regulation Officer

Our representatives