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Moorlands Partnership


1.            Terms of Reference


1.1              The Moorlands Partnership Board shall act only in accordance with the statutory powers and duties of Staffordshire Moorlands District Council.


1.2              Subject to 4.1 above, the Moorlands Partnership Board shall consider matters related to environmental improvements which shall include:-


1.3               (a)          Promotion of environmental enhancements:


(i)         active promotion, publicity and public meetings;

(ii)        liaison with landowners, tenants and other interested parties to encourage economic investment and environmental improvement;

(iii)       liaison with national and local bodies on aspects of good practice in environmental improvement.


(b)  Promotion of private and commercial sponsorship of projects within its scope.


(c)     Formulation, administration and implementation of enhancement schemes.  These schemes may include:-


(i)         re-surfacing footways and carriageways in surface materials which are attractive, historically appropriate and/or of benefit to disabled people;

(ii)        hard and soft landscaping (including tree planting);

(iii)       streetlighting and floodlighting;

(iv)       repairs to historic artefacts such as drinking fountains, lighting columns, punishment stocks, wells, railings, boundary walls, etc.

(v)        reinstatement of any missing historic artefacts or architectural features such as those listed above.


(vi)       Other schemes/projects of enhancement deemed acceptable by the Board.


(d)     Offering grant aid to secure the implementation of any of the schemes listed in (c) above where the building or land is privately owned.


(e)     Liaison with the appropriate Portfolio Holder of SMDC and the County Council regarding the formulation of schemes for:-


(i)         pedestrianisation;

(ii)        traffic calming;

(iii)       improved car parking;

(iv)       car park enhancement schemes (including implementation where appropriate).


(f)   Promotion of good shop front design, and the promotion and improvement of shop front repair and improvement grant schemes.


 (g)Promotion of the repairs and enhancement of prominent buildings, and the administration of grants for the repair of key architectural features, brick/stone cleaning and other works deemed necessary for the enhancement of prominent buildings.


(h)  Commission surveys of building condition, development opportunities and other related matters.


(i)   Formulation and provision of heritage interpretation, displays, trails etc.


(j)   Promotion and encouragement of:-


(i)         'living over the shop' initiatives;

(ii)        retention of significant former ecclesiastical, agricultural and industrial buildings and their sympathetic re-use;

(iii)       re-use of underused premises and attractive courtyards and thoroughfares.


(k)  Effecting the repair of historic buildings and buildings in conservation areas by seeking grant aid, where available.


(l)   Encouraging schemes which are accessible to the public or in the public view.


(m)            Seeking additional funding for environmental projects from regional, national and European bodies including: Peak District National Park Authority; Advantage West Midlands; the Housing Corporation and the Heritage Lottery Fund.


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