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Local Strategic Partnership - Tamworth Strategic Partnership



The Tamworth Local Strategic Partnership was established in 2001. It consists of a Board of 12 representatives from the public, private, voluntary and community sectors; plus attendance of 5 advisory, non-voting representatives of the thematic partnerships and 3 support officers. In accordance with Government Guidance (below), the Tamworth Local Strategic Partnership is the Local Strategic Partnership for the borough.

Government Guidance

Government Guidance on Local Strategic Partnerships (DETR, March 2001) states that they are a single body that:

*       Brings together at a local level the different parts of the public sector as well as the private, business, community and voluntary sectors so that different initiatives and services support each other and work together;

*       Is a non-statutory, non-executive organisation;

*       Operates at a level which enables strategic decisions to be taken and is close enough to individual neighbourhoods to allow actions to be determined at a community level;

*       Should be aligned with local authority boundaries.

1. Strategic Vision of the Tamworth Partnership

"We want Tamworth to be a good place to live, learn, work and play for everyone now and in the future. We want it to be a place where people of all ages and backgrounds feel at home and able to get involved in the life of the community, where they can contribute to a prosperous local economy, feel safe and healthy, and take active responsibility for the environment in which they live." (Tamworth Community Strategy 2007-12)

2. Aims

*       To promote the economic, social and environmental well-being of the Borough and contribute to the achievement of sustainable development.

*       To bring together leaders of key partnerships and organisations from the public, private and voluntary and community sectors in Tamworth.

*       To provide leadership and long-term vision and form an overarching strategic partnership in order to serve the interests of all local people.

*       To create, implement, monitor and review a Sustainable Community Strategy with specific aims and measures which reflect the needs and priorities of the people of Tamworth.

*       To utilise existing partnerships and organisations and seek to reduce the bureaucratic burden by rationalising structures and partnerships operating in Tamworth where there is overlap.

To encourage learning and participation in decision making through the way we work with partners and the people of Tamworth so that those providing and receiving services are empowered. 


3. Key Tasks

*       To agree a delivery framework to ensure implementation of the Sustainable Community Strategy with the five thematic partnerships.

*       To monitor and review the work of the thematic partnerships responsible for the delivery of the key themes of the Sustainable Community Strategy.

*       To act as a co-ordinating framework through which local activity, plans and partnership working can be routed and organised.

*       To develop a policy framework for bending mainstream budgets and services to target communities of greatest need.

*       To engage and involve local communities in the development of the Borough's vision, short term priorities and actions, decision making about their neighbourhoods and services they receive, and reporting progress to local communities.

*       To act as the lead partnership in developing initiatives that depend on local partnerships for their implementation such as the Local Area Agreement.

*       To develop a Local Area Agreement Delivery Plan which is fully integrated into the Sustainable Community Strategy to ensure a joined-up and crosscutting approach to tackling the local priority areas identified.

*       To jointly identify opportunities for joining-up policies and action across organisations/ sectors.

*       To promote shared learning within the LSP and thematic partnerships and seek to develop and support activities that develop skills and competencies of those who participate.

*       To provide a collective voice for Tamworth in order to raise the Borough's profile and influence external policies and decisions.

*       To promote adherence to Compact principles; to monitor and review Tamworth Compact; and, to respond to national and regional Compact development.

4. Membership

*       Membership of the Tamworth Local Strategic Partnership Board (as at December 2006) consists of:

Tamworth Chamber of Commerce and Industry - 1 seat
Tamworth Borough Council - 2 seats
Tamworth & Lichfield College - 1 seat
Tamworth Council for Voluntary Service - 2 seats           

Staffordshire Learning & Skills Council - 1 seat
Staffordshire County Council - 2 seats
Staffordshire Fire & Rescue Service - 1 seat
Staffordshire Police - 1 seat
South Staffordshire Primary Care Trust - 1 seat

Thematic Partnership reps – 5 seats (advisory, non-voting roles)

Support officers – 3 seats (DPO, AD and 1 other)

*       Membership of the Tamworth Local Strategic Partnership Board will be comprehensively reviewed every three years to ensure sectoral representation and strategic effectiveness.

*       Any member may propose to the Partnership Board that an invitation to become a member be extended to another organisation or individual. The proposal should be made in writing with supporting information setting out the benefits to the Partnership Board and circulated with papers for the meeting.

*       Decisions on Membership will be made by the Partnership Board at a meeting; proposed members may be invited to attend prior to the decision in an observer capacity.

*       Members invited will be in a position of authority and can influence change in their organisation or sector. Departing members will normally be replaced by their workplace successor.

*       Members are encouraged to send a named deputy to meetings which they are unable to attend.


5. Chairing and Servicing Arrangements

*       Tamworth's Local Strategic Partnership Board will meet on a quarterly basis and special meetings will be held as and when required.

*       The administration and work of the Board will be organised on the financial year.

*       In its community leadership role, the Chair of Tamworth Local Strategic Partnership shall be appointed by the Board from within the voting membership.

*       Each financial year, the Board will elect two Deputy Chairs.

*       The Chair and Deputy Chairs will chair Board meetings.

*       Members of the Partnership may appoint from among its members (or from their organisations on the recommendation of the relevant member) other staff to undertake specific responsibilities to achieve the Partnerships key tasks.

*       Any member of the Partnership may request that an item is placed on the agenda of a forthcoming meeting. This should be notified to the Secretariat at least four weeks prior to the meeting concerned. Late items may be accepted at the discretion of the Chair.

*       The Chair and support officer(s) will hold pre-meetings to finalise reports and agendas.

*       The Board will agree the work plan for the following year at a meeting in the third quarter of the current financial year.

*       Whenever practicable, reports to the Partnership will be made in advance in writing enabling the time available at Board meetings to be devoted to matters in which members input can make a difference.

*       The quorum for the Tamworth Partnership will be 6 voting Board members representing at least 4 different partner agencies.

*       The Board will make its decisions by consensus. When this cannot be achieved, a majority vote of Board members present will be taken. In the event of a split vote, the Chair will have the deciding vote.

*       Attendance at Board meetings is open to guests of Board members in an `observer' capacity. Observers will not have speaking rights unless invited to do so through the Chair.

*       Agenda items may be classed as confidential with the agreement of the Board Chair. Such items will be discussed at the end of a meeting with observers excluded.

*       Minutes of Board meetings will be produced and circulated within two weeks of the meeting and presented for approval at the next meeting.

*       Summaries of Board meetings will be produced in the form of a newsletter and made available on the Internet.

*       Tamworth Borough Council will provide the secretariat for the Board and will support the overall management of its strategic agenda.



6. Format of Meetings

*       Board meetings will include a formal business section which will include reports from the thematic partnerships. This will allow Board to learn more about specific issues and debate the implications for Tamworth.

*       The work of the Board will retain a focus on progress on Tamworth Sustainable Community Strategy key measures and Local Area Agreement outcome targets.

*       Each thematic partnership will be asked to report on progress to the Board once per annum.

7. Development and Support

*       Tamworth Borough Council will encourage the active collaboration of its partners in making a contribution to the development and servicing of the Tamworth Local Strategic Partnership.

*       The Partnership Board will take collective responsibility for ensuring that adequate resources are available to enable the Tamworth Local Strategic Partnership to function effectively and develop its role. This includes a commitment to supporting the work of the LSP and development of the Sustainable Community Strategy.

8. Roles and Competencies of Board Members

The roles and competencies likely to be expected from Board members in the development and implementation of strategic policy are set out below. Support and training to develop and enhance these skills will be made available by the partnership for Board Members if necessary. Training and development opportunities may also be offered through Staffordshire Plus and GOWM/LGA.


*       Voting members’ key role is to govern the work of the LSP and not to represent their own organisation (like the trustees of a charity).

*       To be in a position to make strategic decisions for the LSP and influence decision making, resource allocation and delivery within their own organisation and/ or the community.

*       To actively participate in LSP debate and decision making.

*       To have a sound understanding of the quality of life issues in Tamworth, particularly in respect to their sectors.

*       To act as champions to advise and facilitate key work areas for the LSP.

*       To represent the LSP at meetings, events, etc when appropriate.

*       To support and encourage learning from experience and good practice andcascade information regarding the work and role of the Tamworth Local Strategic Partnership within their own organisations/ networks.


*       Ability to develop and agree policy

*       Decision making skills

*       Negotiation skills

*       Creative and strategic thinking

*       Problem solving

*       Presentation skills

*       Understanding of data and statistics

*       Analytical skills

*       Willingness and ability to drive change

9. Monitoring and Reporting Progress

*       The Terms of Reference will be comprehensively reviewed every three years.

*       The Board will report on progress against the Sustainable Community Strategy in an annual public report. This will include a session to review progress and discuss the development of the Tamworth Local Strategic Partnership.

*       The Partnership will undertake, where feasible, comparative work on the operation and effectiveness of local strategic partnerships.

*       The Partnership will endeavour to achieve best practice in its work.

*       The Tamworth Local Strategic Partnership will continue to develop a performance management framework and performance indicators to demonstrate progress and added value.

10. Financial Accountability

Tamworth Borough Council will act as the Accountable Body for any funding awarded to or any income received by the Partnership.

The role of the LSP Board is to make decisions on appropriate use of funding to achieve the outcomes identified by the Partnership and to contribute to the development of the Sustainable Community Strategy and Local Area Agreement

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