Meeting attendance

Wednesday 6th January 2021 2.00 pm, Safe and Strong Communities Select Committee

Venue:   Meeting to be conducted using Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Teams

Contact:    Jonathan Lindop

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance Attendance comment
Ann Beech Committee Member Present
Gill Burnett Invitee/Observer Present
Ron Clarke Shadow Vice-Chairman Present
Ann Edgeller Committee Member Present
John Francis Chairman Present
Chris Heeley Officer In attendance
Trevor Johnson Committee Member Apologies
Bryan Jones Committee Member Present
Jason Jones Committee Member Absent
Jonathan Lindop Officer In attendance
Nick Pountney Secretary In attendance
Jonathan Price Invitee/Observer Present
Deborah Ramsdale Officer In attendance
Paul Snape Committee Member Present
Bob Spencer Vice-Chairman Present
Mark Sutton Invitee/Observer Present
Mike Worthington Committee Member Present