Committee structure

County Council

The full Council comprises of 62 members.  Full Council meetings are held at least six times a year and the public are usually able to attend.  The Chairman of the County Council is Kath Perry.  One of its functions is to agree the major policies, which govern the way services are provided or set down the Council's general approach to do things. 


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The Cabinet system makes the major decisions about Council services and many others that you use on a day-to-day basis.   The cabinet normally meets monthly. Its role is to lead in the preparation of the council's policies and budget, to lead the community planning process and the attainment of best value.  The cabinet is made up of the Leader who is chosen by the county council from the majority party, currently Conservative and up to nine other councillors chosen by the Leader.  Each cabinet member has an individual area of responsibility also known as his/her portfolio.  Find out more about the individual portfolios.

All items discussed by Cabinet have to be published in a Forward Plan which is a document that sets out information about key decisions that the council will make in the next four months.  The Forward Plan is published every month.

If a matter which is likely to be a key decision has not been included in the Forward Plan then it can be dealt with under General Exception or Special Urgency.  When this happens a notice is published on the County Council’s website.

General Exception (GE) and Special Urgency (SU) Notices are published below.  Select the relevant link to view the notice.

Date of notice

Cabinet date





09 June  

17 June

Economic Recovery, Renewal and Transformation Strategy



12 May

20 May

Staffordshire County Council’s Response to Coronavirus COVID-19



29 April

20 May

Procurement of Personal Protective Equipment



14 April

15 April

Care Provider Fee Uplift and Financial Stability Measures 2020/21



06 April

15 April

Staffordshire County Councils iCare Campaign



10 March

18 March

Street Works Permit




13 December

18 December

Contract End / Award



02 December

4 December

Sale of former Meadows School site, Biddulph



08 April

17 April

Contract for Respite



08 April

17 April

Stafford Western Access Route: Award of Construction Contract



26 February

06 March

Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire Local Enterprise Partnership Review – Move to incorporated body



12 February

20 February

Authority to enter into contract on behalf of Section 75 Better Care Fund partners for the provision of community equipment




31 May

21 June

East Staffordshire Day Service Reprovision



31 May

21 June

Mental Health Social Care Assessment and Case Management




12 December

20 December

John Taylor Free School – Works Funding Agreement



7 November

15 November


Better Care Fund - Update



7 August

16 August

Entrust Service Delivery Agreement



16 February

15 March

Review of the Staffordshire Youth Offending Service




30 August

21 September

The Stafford Office Moves Project for the re-location of staff based in the Wedgwood Building, Stafford



6 January

20 January

The Future business model for the Shugborough Estate




2 April

15 April

The proposed continuation of Partnership Arrangements for Adult Social Care with Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent Partnership NHS Trust



26 January

18 February

Section 75 and Pooled Budget arrangements in relation to the Better Care Fund




9 December

17 December

The Evolution of Integration and the future provision of Adult Social Care Services.



Cabinet meetings will also be webcast.  View live and archived webcasts.


Select Committees

Select Committees consist of Elected Members who undertake annual work programmes which focus on:


·         the delivery of the County Council's and partners main aims, as set out in their business plans;

·         areas where their involvement could help improve performance;

·         and/or priorities and concerns raised by the public.


The Select Committees that carry out this work for Staffordshire County Council are listed below (previous Scrutiny Committee meetings can be accessed from the list of meetings here).

Regulatory Committees


Joint Arrangements

Staffordshire Local Government Association

Appointments Committee

Working Group