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Condition of B5013 Colton Rd footpath

Carry out works to improve the condition, and thereby the safety, of the footpath alongside B5013 Colton Rd between Fogg Cottages and Bellamour Lodge, Colton.

Colton Parish Council would likely to strongly express its disappointment that no action has been taken by yourselves to improve the condition of the above footpath.

We have been reporting this online for the last three years and receiving confirmation that work is required. Although it is stated to be low priority, no action of any kind has been taken, which we find very disappointing.

We have until now reassured parishioners that the path has been reported and that you have acknowledged that work is required, but they are now questioning the validity and the purpose of the reporting system as no work has been carried out – especially as they see other footpaths within the locality being repaired and cleared, despite not being in such a dire state of repair.

This footpath is the only pedestrian access from Colton to Rugeley and is considered extremely dangerous. There is only a thin strip of clear path that can used and this is at the edge nearest the road. The B5013 is a busy road with a large of amount of heavy goods traffic - do we have to wait for someone to trip and fall under a lorry before you do anything?

As the majority of high school children in the village of Colton do not qualify for a free bus pass, as the local high school is under the 3 mile limit, they are also expected to walk to and from school along this narrow unlit path at peak traffic times. It is also the route from Colton to its local railway station at Rugeley Trent Valley.

We are very aware of the financial pressures you are under and because of this we have not pushed this matter over the last year. However, we have observed the clearance of pavements in Handsacre, Hopton, along the A51 from the Haywoods to Pasturefields and further along the dual carriageway between Weston and Sandon. We cannot see that these have a greater footfall than the footpath in Colton and these paths also have a deep verge between the road and the tarmacked pathway.

We were informed by our County Councillor Martyn Tittley at our last Parish Council meeting that there were not enough online complaints to warrant the works. The Parish Council has received many verbal and written complaints from parishioners who have not submitted an online complaint to yourselves as they either consider reporting the matter to us is sufficient or (in many cases) they have no internet access. We attach a list of people who have actually complained to the Parish Council over the last few years about the state of the footpath and who use it regularly. These people have not just complained once and are all very concerned about the danger of using this path. Our County Councillor is of the opinion that these complaints do not count as they were not submitted direct to yourselves. If this is the case we can make arrangements for all of these people to submit an online report using internet access provided by the Parish Council.

We would be grateful if you could confirm whether or not you intend to make this footpath safe and when this is likely to take place. If you have no intention of carrying out the work please could you supply your reasons and also give your reasons for clearing the other footpaths mentioned above in preference.

Petition with 37 signatures from Colton parishioners was also put together on paper with above letter, together with copies of 4 emails or letters sent previously by parishioners to the parish council requesting action from SCC on the footpath.

Started by: Alison JamesParishClerk (Colton Parish Council)

This ePetition ran from 02/05/2020 to 12/07/2020 and has now finished.

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