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Save Our “Your Staffordshire Cards”

Reconsider the decision on scrapping the Your Staffordshire Card scheme and recognise the importance this decision has on young people, their education and their parents/carers as well as the environmental negative externalities this poses.

The council have ultimately decided in a recent budget that the Your Staffordshire Card scheme will be scrapped as of the 31st August 2019 without the consideration and affect this has on our counties communities. Fairs on some routes will rise by over 60% placing the cost on the consumers who are primarily 16-19 year olds accessing better education and services in different parts of the county. This scheme, which aids 11-19 year olds across the county, will fundamentally jeoprodise the inter-community spirit of Staffordshire’s towns, villages and cities and of upmost importance isolate young people from accessing the wider world within Staffordshire.

Started by: Alfie Green (Staffordshire Youth Union)

This ePetition ran from 21/01/2019 to 16/03/2019 and has now finished.

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Council response

Staffordshire County Council like many councils are facing unprecedented financial challenges not of our making due to the increasing costs of funding adult social care and children’s care – at a time when national funding to councils continues to fall. The Your Staffordshire Card (YSC) is a non-statutory service that was introduced by the current administration some seven years ago.

The number of YSC holders and the number of bus journeys undertaken by pass holders has seen a significant decline in recent years and it is right that non-statutory services such as the YSC are kept under review to ensure that they offer value for money for the Staffordshire tax payer. For this reason the county will be ending the scheme on August 31, 2019. Cardholders will be able to use the card until that date.

There have been discussions with bus operators concerning ending of the Your Staffordshire Card Scheme and they have commercial options available. We would encourage current cardholders to find the current ticketing option that best meets their circumstances by contacting the bus operators in their area.