Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
i54 Western Extension Project Update13/06/2018For Determination19/09/2018
Modernising Adult Social Care Programme – Blueprint and Business Case13/06/2018For Determination19/09/2018
Strategic Plan and Medium Term Financial Strategy 2019-202413/06/2018For Determination18/07/2018
Adult Learning Disability Community Offer 2022 Programme13/06/2018For Determination18/07/2018
Outturn Report for Treasury Management for half year ended 30 September 201813/06/2018For Determination21/11/2018
Modernising Social Care Pathway - Carers Pathway Review08/05/2018For Determination19/09/2018
Greenwood House, Burntwood08/05/2018For Determination18/07/2018
Approval for Staffordshire County Council to Join Midlands Connect Sub-National Transport Body as a Constituent Member08/05/2018For Determination19/09/2018
JNC For Coroners Pay Review08/05/2018For Determination18/07/2018
Enlargement of Holy Trinity CE (C) Primary School, Burton-upon-Trent08/05/2018For Determination18/07/2018
First Quarter Integrated Performance Report08/05/2018For Determination18/07/2018
Future Model of Libraries Service13/02/2018For Determination18/07/2018
New Schools proposed across Staffordshire in the next five years up to the academic year 2022/202313/02/2018For Determination19/09/2018
Treasury Management Report for the Year Ended 31 March 201813/02/2018For Determination18/07/2018
Annual Review of Penda Property Partnership Plan and SAMP10/10/2017For Determination17/10/2018
Residential Housing Development JV10/10/2017For Determination18/07/2018