Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Branston Locks Primary - Proposed 2FE and Associated S106 Contributions (Wave School)07/09/2021For Determination20/10/2021
IA2609 Framework for Responsive Property Maintenance and Day Works07/09/2021For Determination15/12/2021
Formal Report of the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman07/09/2021For Determination20/10/2021
Integrated Performance Report - Quarter 3 2021/2207/09/2021For Determination16/02/2022
Integrated Service Model for In-House Day Opportunities and Respite20/08/2021For Determination17/11/2021
Staffordshire Bus Strategy - Bus Service Improvement Plan20/08/2021For Determination20/10/2021
Dry Mixed Recycling Treatment - April 202220/08/2021For Determination20/10/2021
Nexxus Trading Services Limited - Annual Report 2020/202120/08/2021For Determination20/10/2021
The Future of Replacement Care Services (Learning Disabilities)20/08/2021For Determination17/11/2021
Supplementary Capital Programme for Schools 2021/202220/08/2021For Determination20/10/2021
Climate Change Annual Report and Climate Change Action Plan 220/08/2021For Determination20/10/2021
Adult Learning Disability 2022 Community Offer: Update on Learning Disability Residential Services Directly Provided by Staffordshire County Council20/08/2021For Determination20/10/2021
Integrated Performance Report - Quarter 2 2021/2213/07/2021For Determination20/10/2021
Impact of COVID-19 on SCC Communities, Economy and Organisation and Recovery Progress - Update October 2021 and Way Forward13/07/2021For Determination20/10/2021
Treasury Management Half Yearly Report 2021/2208/06/2021For Determination17/11/2021