Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Sale of Land at Former Meadows Special School Biddulph12/07/2019For Determination21/08/2019
Adult Learning Disability 2022 Community Offer - Carers09/07/2019For Determination16/10/2019
South Staffordshire Growth Agreement09/07/2019For Determination18/09/2019
Arrangement for the Provision of Day Care Services for Adults in Staffordshire09/07/2019For Determination18/12/2019
Treasury Management Report for the Year Ended 31 March 201909/07/2019For Determination21/08/2019
Arrangements for the Provision of Reablement Services for Adults in Staffordshire09/07/2019For Determination18/09/2019
Section 75 for Adult Social Care09/07/2019For Determination18/09/2019
Strategic Plan and Medium Term Financial Strategy 2020 - 202509/07/2019For Determination18/12/2019
Strategic Plan and Medium Term Financial Strategy 2020 - 202509/07/2019For Determination16/10/2019
Shared Lives Service Recommission09/07/2019For Determination18/09/2019
Integrated Performance Report 2019/20 - Quarter 209/07/2019For Determination16/10/2019
Adult Learning Disability 2022 Community Offer17/06/2019For Determination18/09/2019
Adoption of Revised Statement of Community Involvement11/06/2019For Determination21/08/2019
Business Case for Council Owned New Build Care Homes with Nursing11/06/2019For Determination18/09/2019
Infrastructure Plus Contract Performance11/06/2019For Determination18/09/2019
Highway Infrastructure Asset Management Plan (HIAMP)11/06/2019For Determination18/09/2019
Improving the Emotional Health and Wellbeing of Children and Young People within Staffordshire11/06/2019For Determination18/12/2019
Waste Disposal Arrangements in the North of Staffordshire from 202514/09/2018For Determination18/09/2019