Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Support Provided to Business Start-ups in Staffordshire19/10/2020For Determination18/11/2020
Treasury Management Half Year Report19/10/2020For Determination18/11/2020
Implementation of the updated Staffordshire County Council Education Infrastructure Contributions Policy (SEICP)19/10/2020For Determination17/02/2021
West Midlands Rail Ltd (WMRL) - Governance Evolution13/10/2020For Determination16/12/2020
Strategic Plan and Medium Term Financial Strategy 2021 - 202613/10/2020For Determination27/01/2021
Strategic Plan and Medium Term Financial Strategy 2021 - 202613/10/2020For Determination06/01/2021
Strategic Plan and Medium Term Financial Strategy 2021 - 202613/10/2020For Determination16/12/2020
Climate Change Action Plan Update13/10/2020For Determination17/02/2021
Communities Principle Update13/10/2020For Determination16/12/2020
Contract for the Supply of Gas and Associated Services13/10/2020For Determination20/01/2021
SEND Strategy17/09/2020For Determination16/12/2020
Integrated Performance Report 2020-21 - Quarter 308/09/2020For Determination17/02/2021
Adult Learning Disability 2022 Community Offer: Update on Learning Disability Services Directly Provided by Staffordshire County Council07/07/2020For Determination18/11/2020
Children’s and Families (including SEND) System Transformation – Update10/02/2020For Determination18/11/2020
Mitigation Plans for Cannock Chase Special Area of Conservation10/12/2019For Determination16/12/2020
North Staffordshire Ministerial Direction for Nitrogen Dioxide - Project Update13/08/2019For Determination16/12/2020
Waste Disposal Arrangements in the North of Staffordshire from 202514/09/2018For Determination16/12/2020