Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Staffordshire Autism Joint Implementation Plan 2020-202311/02/2020For Determination18/03/2020
Construction Contract Award: i54 Western Extension - Phase 210/02/2020For Determination15/04/2020
Children’s and Families (including SEND) System Transformation – Update10/02/2020For Determination15/04/2020
Schools Capital Programme 2020-2110/02/2020For Determination15/04/2020
Award of the Construction Projects Framework Agreement (REF IA1585)10/02/2020For Determination18/03/2020
Executive Responses to All Party Working Groups Recommendations on Isolation and Aspiration10/02/2020For Determination15/04/2020
Highways and Transport Capital Programme 2020/2110/02/2020For Determination15/04/2020
Nexxus Trading Services Limited - Annual Report 2019/202007/01/2020For Determination17/06/2020
Renewal of the Contract for the Provision of Agency Workers18/12/2019For Determination18/03/2020
Mitigation Plans for Cannock Chase Special Area of Conservation10/12/2019For Determination17/06/2020
Integrated Performance Report 2019/20 - Quarter 412/11/2019For Determination15/04/2020
South Staffordshire Growth Agreement - Project Update10/09/2019For Determination15/04/2020
North Staffordshire Ministerial Direction for Nitrogen Dioxide - Project Update13/08/2019For Determination20/05/2020
Waste Disposal Arrangements in the North of Staffordshire from 202514/09/2018For Determination20/05/2020