Register of interests

Alan White

I, Alan White a Member of Staffordshire County Council agree to abide by the Members' Code of Conduct, including the General Undertaking , as approved on 19 July 2012 and updated on the 19 December 2019 and give notice of:

Section A: The following disclosable interests in accordance with Section 30 of the Localism Act 2011

1. Employment, office, trade, profession or vocation
Details of Employment Self or Partner*
Chief Executive, Malvern Hills Science Park Self
Chief Executive, Central Technology Belt Self
Pharma Sales Specialist Partner
2. Sponsorship
Details of Name of party, person or body making payment Self or Partner*
Nil Nil
3. Contracts
Details of Contract Self or Partner*
Nil Nil
4. Land
Address of Land Nature of Interest (including if Self or Partner*)
Domestic Property in Lichfield Self and Partner (Jointly held)
5. Licences
Address of Land Detail of License (including if Self or Partner*)
Nil Nil
6. Corporate Tenancies
Address of Land Detail of Tenancy (including if Self or Partner*)
Nil Nil
7. Securities
Name of Body or Company Self or Partner*
Nil Nil

NB: When an agenda item, or the resulting debate relates to anything listed above, the member must declare that interest and leave the meeting.

Personal Wellbeing or Financial Position

Section B: The following ‘Other Interests’ in accordance with Section 28(2) of the Localism Act 2011

8. Formal Bodies
Organisation Role/Association
Lichfield Cathedral Council Member of Council
Conservative Party Member
National Trust Member
Staffordshire And Stoke on Trent Local Enterprise Partnership Board Member

NB: When any item listed under Section B is being considered at a Council meeting you must declare the interest but can take part in discussions and any vote on the item.