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Staffordshire Warm Homes Fund

21/02/2019 - Staffordshire Warm Homes Fund

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“Fuel poverty affects thousands of people across the country.  This contributes to a number of health problems, as respiratory, cardiovascular and mobility conditions can be made worse if an individual is living in a cold home.


By working together with many different organisations on a Staffordshire-wide scale, we can identify as many people as possible who are at risk of fuel poverty and related health risks, provide support and advice, and get them the help they need.”


Alan White, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Health, Care and Wellbeing


Reasons for the Decision – To consider the options for the administration of the Staffordshire Warm Homes Fund.


Decision – (a) That it be noted that a £3.795 million Staffordshire Warm Homes Fundhas been secured.


(b) That the options for the administration of the fund be noted.


(c) That Option 3, for administering the fund through a Staffordshire Warm Homes Limited Liability Partnership, be selected.


(d) That the development of the Staffordshire Warm Homes Fund Limited Liability Partnership between SCC and the Ministry of Well-being MOW be approved.


(e) That authority be delegated to the Director of Corporate Services to agree the final version of the Members Agreement.