Issue - decisions

Countryside Estate Review

21/12/2017 - Countryside Estate Review

The County Council recognises its country parks and open spaces are one of the jewels in Staffordshire’s crown.


Extensive consultation has produced a range of ideas as to how Staffordshire County Council’s countryside estate could be managed and maintained in the future and over the coming months we are proposing to pursue these so that we are able to find the right long-term solution for everyone’s benefit.”


Gill Heath, Cabinet Member for Communities


Reasons for the Decision – To provide Cabinet with an update following the completion of the first phase of the Countryside Estate Review.


Decision – (a) That the contents of the report detailing the outcomes from the first phase of the Countryside Estate Review be noted.


(b) That the proposed next stages of the Countryside Estate Review (second phase), as detailed in the report, be approved.


(c) That a further paper be submitted to Cabinet in March 2018 which identifies and recommends a management and delivery solution for the Countryside Estate