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High Needs Block Recovery

Report of the Deputy Chief Executive and Director for Families and Communities



In order to achieve the recovery of the High Needs Block overspend a number of options had been brought forward to the Schools Forum for information in October.  Since then further work had been undertaken to evaluate the extent to which these options could be implemented.  Members were informed that this evaluation had concluded that some options were not possible to implement as alternative funding streams to replace these were not available.  It was reiterated that a key component of the decisions which had been made to date had been to avoid any direct impact on pupils receiving support.  The proposals were as follows:


SEND Learning Support



Decommissioning of SEND Learning Support

2018-19 - £512,000

2019-20 - £879,000

Note: This service was decommissioned in September 2018, savings for 2018-19 have been built into the latest forecast. This is provided as a traded offer to schools.


AEN Funding


Estimated Saving

From September 2019 to end AEN funding for new non EHCP pupil referrals

2019-20 - £29,000

2020-21 - £50,000

From September 2019 to reduce AEN allocation for new EHCP pupils by a reduction in hours allocated, term time only appointments or alternative inputs for pupils.

2019-20 - £240,000

2020 -21 - £800,000

Note:  Schools will need to be consulted about the removal of funding for non-EHCP pupils and the reduction of AEN allocation for new EHCP pupils. It is intended that this consultation will take place during the summer term 2019 and implemented from September 2019. This will also be applied to EHCP reviews at the point of school change.

The estimated savings are being recalculated following the publication of the NJC pay spines which are currently under consultation locally. It is anticipated that this will significantly reduce the estimated savings.


Specialist Support Service


Estimated Saving

To remove the non-statutory element of the Autism Support Service from the High Needs Block

2019-20 - £87,500

2020-21 - £150,000

Note: Work is underway to examine how the non-statutory element of this service can be funded separately from the High Needs Block through a traded element. This does not include the Autism Resource Centres.


Early Years’ SENCOs


Estimated Saving

To reconfigure the commission of this service

2019-20 - £855,000

Note: Work has been completed to design a reconfigured service. The focus of this service will be changed from supporting children to supporting settings.





Physical Difficulties Advice & Guidance



To de-commission the service from Entrust

2019-20 - £20,842

Note: As this service is mainly signposting to providers and resources, this will be made available within the Local Offer and Graduated Response.


Dyslexia Outreach



To de-commission the service from Entrust

2019-20 - £354,145

Note: This to be provided as a traded offer for schools.


Special Educational Needs Advisory



To de-commission the service from Entrust

2019-20 - £78,604

Note: This is a service that provided information to the LA about performance and monitoring of special schools and attendance at Ofsted feedback. This is reducing with the conversion of special schools to academies.  Where required the quality assurance of LA maintained special schools will be funded through the school improvement grant.


Bespoke days



To de-commission the service from Entrust

2019-20 -  £53,735

Note: This service is an agreed number of days that can be used by the LA and will no longer be utilised.


Total savings in 2018 -19 equates to £512k.


Total savings in 2019 -20 equates to approx. £2.5m.


Total Savings £3m


RESOLVED – That the above options in relation to the recovery of the High Needs Block overspend be noted.





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