Agenda item

12:00 Public Questions (15 minutes)


Mark Flavell on behalf of Yoxall, Kings Bromley and Draycott in the Clay Parish Councils.


Do we have quantified data that shows that the Staffordshire economy would be impacted by a weight restriction on the A515?


Would a weight restriction on the A515 be difficult to enforce?


Inspector Neeson, Staffordshire Police, indicated that it would be difficult to enforce the weight restriction 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  To secure a successful prosecution the Police would have to have evidence that vehicles were not delivering to premises along the route of the A515.


How do local people feed in their concerns through the DHP process if their local councillor does not agree with the proposal local people have put forward?


The Chairman indicated that if this were the case there were processes that could be followed (contact the relevant Cabinet Member).


What happens if drivers ignore the routing agreement that has been made with their business? Are penalties imposed?


It is for the local planning authority to enforce the condition in the routing agreement.


The Chairman asked for details of the routing agreements in place for businesses on Fradley Park.


Mr Williams from the Road Haulage Association added that representations could be made to the Traffic Commissioner if routing agreements are being breached, specifically if the agreements are subject to conditions of an operators’ licence.


Councillor Eagland (Lichfield Rural North) drew Members attention to the fact that road repairs on the A38 had lead to a diversion route through Lichfield.  Whilst the signage had been adequate, HGV drivers had used their SATNAVs to identify a quicker route to join the A38 through the centre of Lichfield and they have continued to use this route in spite of the road repairs having been completed.  This was having an impact also on the safety of old buildings in the town centre.  Councillor Eagland asked what influence HE and the RHA had on the routes on SATNAVs.


The level of influence that HE has over SATNAV operators, once HGV drivers have left the principle road network, is minimal, but the HE representative asked Councillor Eagland to let her have further details and she would take the matter up with them.


Roger Sherrington


Will the final report of this Committee be a report of County Council recommendations, uninfluenced by what HE will allow the Council to do?


Are average speed cameras incapable of identifying a vehicle (apart from its registration number)?


David Walters responded that a speed camera could identify the registration number and type of vehicle but to enable a successful prosecution, the Police would have to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the vehicle was not accessing premises along the route. Local authorities have no powers in this regard.


Mr Sherrington responded that it would be unlikely that a large HGV would be visiting to local stores along the A515.


Does traffic management form part of the HE’s report?  Letty Askew responded that there was a possibility that this could form part of the Expressways concept and may also form part of the recommendations from the study.


Mr Sherrington asked for details of the (routing agreement) conditions being placed on new businesses using Fradley Park and on existing businesses that were expanding and if in liaison with hauliers we could ask that they are sympathetic to local residents.


What are your views on a weight restriction on being applied to Wood End Lane?


Richard Rayson responded that applying a weight restriction to Wood End Lane would prevent HGVs from using the A515.


Mr Sherrington asked how many hauliers in the RHA were from Europe.  Mr Williams stated that all RHA members were from the UK.


Steve Browne, Kings Bromley Parish Council


The current volume of HGV vehicles using the A515 and the A513 is 931 (over a 24 hour period).  What will happen in the future when a HS2 construction compound is being erected at the end of Wood End Lane at its junction with the A515, this could result in 2,500 (corrected as 2,400) going through the Kings Bromley junction every day.