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Health and Wellbeing Board
Thursday, 6th July, 2017 3.00 pm

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Note: Moved from 8 June 2017 

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Minutes of Previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 154 KB


RESOLVED – That the minutes of the Health and Wellbeing Board (H&WB) held on 9 March 2017 be confirmed and signed by the Chairman.


Questions from the public


There were no questions from the public.


Director of Public Health’s Annual Report 2017 pdf icon PDF 2 MB

Allan Reid, Consultant in Public Health

Additional documents:


At their meeting of 9 March the H&WB had received a presentation from the Director of Public Health on his Annual Report. They now received a copy of the final draft report “Time to talk: Getting it right at the end of life”.  The report highlighted a cultural reluctance to talk about death and dying and addressed end of life issues that encompassed the individual and their families, those working within the health and care sectors and society in general.


The aim was to raise public awareness and promote public discussion. It was intended to follow the report with a media campaign and debate/public conversation entitled “Dying to Talk” which would be in the form of road show events in each of the District and Boroughs.


The H&WB agreed this was an excellent report sensitively written. They highlighted the following:

·         the importance of using personal stories to help engage the public and raise awareness;

·         the quality of care received at the end of life being paramount;

·         early conversations about end of life helping to avoid falling into a spiral of unplanned interventions;

·         work already undertaken by Care Home Matrons on end of life care training and the need to consider how to bring all elements together; and,

·         the importance of having both a public and a professional conversation as many professionals remained uncomfortable tackling this issue.


Members had reservations about the suggested title of the road show events and were assured that this was a working title and the final language used would be tested by the Communications Team with Hospice Professionals.



a)    the Annual Report of the Director of Public Health be endorsed;

b)    the proposed outline for the next H&WB public conversation on end of life be approved;

c)    that the outcome of the Communications Team language testing over the proposed conversation title “Dying to Talk” be considered at the 7 September Board meeting; and

d)    they actively support the public conversation on end of life and seek support for the campaign across their respective organisations.


The Big Fat Chat – Public Engagement Report pdf icon PDF 147 KB

Ruth Goldstein, Public Health


The first H&WB public debate was on obesity, entitled “the Big Fat Chat”. A wider engagement campaign had been developed to promote the debate on 1 March and the Board had received initial feedback at their 9 March meeting. They now received further details of the debate outcomes, including that:

·         the debate exceeded targets for reach and engagement on social media and also had good press coverage;

·         the event was well received and stimulated a varied discussion; and,

·         overall there was support for the notion of personal responsibility for health and well-being from the public, partners and stakeholders.


A Stakeholder workshop had taken place last week to reflect on feedback from the Debate and how to take this forward through a system based approach.


Despite being a H&WB event the debate had been perceived as a County Council initiative. It was suggested that the H&WB should consider developing their own website to provide a key point of interaction with the public for future engagement. The merits of a dedicated web page were debated, with Board Members varying as to whether there should be a stand alone H&WB site, a page on the existing SCC site or a Facebook page.


RESOLVED – That: a) the report outcomes and lessons learnt for future debates be noted;

b) the development of a partnership “compact” to address obesity be supported; and

c) further consideration be given to the best way to increase the H&WB visibility and provide a key point of interaction with the public on future engagement around health and well-being.


Health in All Policies pdf icon PDF 229 KB

Jon Topham, Senior Commissioning Manager, Public Health and Tim Clegg, Chief Executive, Stafford Borough Council



Health in All Policies (HiAP) is a collaborative, evidence-based approach to improving the health of all people by incorporating health considerations into decision-making across a range of organisational sectors and policy areas.


At their 9 March meeting the H&WB agreed to act as HiAP champions to advocate this approach within their organisations. They also agreed to host a workshop on the HiAP approach in Staffordshire. Following a meeting of the Chief Executive Group a provisional workshop date of 29 September had been proposed.



a)    the proposal to identify an overall lead for HiAP in each authority be noted;

b)    the September workshop be supported; and

c)    the proposal to identify leads for HiAP across all organisations who could contribute to the workshop be noted.


All-Age Disability Strategy pdf icon PDF 210 KB

Martyn Baggaley,  Senior Commissioning Manager, All-Age Disability


The current All-Age Disability Strategy was due to expire in March 2018. A new strategy was being developed and Members received an outline of the focus for this new strategy which would be co-produced with disabled people, their families and carers and would set out a life-course vision for all disabled people from birth to old-age. A first draft of the new Strategy would be circulated for comments in September and the H&WB were asked to send their comments to the report author to help inform the final Strategy.



a)    the approach to development of a new All-Age, lifelong disability strategy, including core principles, scope, timescales and governance for production be endorsed; and

b)    the H&WB Members comment on the first strategy draft when it is circulated to them in September.


Staffordshire Better Care Fund pdf icon PDF 133 KB

Becky Wilkinson, Programme Manager



The 2016/17 Staffordshire Better Care Fund (BCF) had received official sign off and the Section 75 had been completed. The integrated policy framework for the BCF 2017-19 had been published on 28 March 2017, with the planning template/guidance received this week. Planning for the first 2017-19 submission had begun with a submission deadline of 11 September.


The difficulties in meeting the target around transfer of care were discussed in detail with every effort being made to avoid the escalation process. It was anticipated that the submission would need to identify that the BCF Programme Board was unlikely to meet the target but that a development plan would be included to show how the target would be reached. This was likely to result in an approved BCF with conditions.



a)    the policy framework and progress of the BCF 2017-19 be noted;

b)    delegated authority be passed to the co-chairs for signing off the BCF plan on behalf of the H&WB;

c)    a workshop for comments on the BCF be arranged prior to its  submission.


Health & Wellbeing Board Strategy pdf icon PDF 26 KB

Additional documents:


The current “Living Well” H&WB Strategy runs until 2018 and it was intended to build upon this in developing the new strategy and evolving the approach to have a stronger focus on delivery and action. The new Strategy would focus on the Board’s core role to lead on prevention, early intervention and community activity. Members received an initial draft for comment and discussion.


The Board heard that there was an intention to simplify the Strategy and make it more public facing and succinct. They made the following suggestions:

·         the importance of the use of simple language;

·         addressing the issue of navigating the system;

·         challenge the concept of a service dependent society;

·         the need to differentiate between this Strategy and the STP, with a focus on societal determinants rather than services;

·         the opportunity to work at a local level, setting challenges to, for example, Parish Councils, to ensure no one in their Parish is lonely, or that everyone can get to a doctors appointment as a way to help address the issues of isolated communities through a bottom up approach;

·         the need to include a commitment by this Board that they are willing to learn and evolve, giving examples of development sessions as a commitment to trial and learn; and

·         the need to concentrate on a small number of key themes, such as obesity, isolation, end of life, and to consider how to empower the individual to take responsibility for their own health.


Members agreed to a workshop on the developing strategy, to take place one hour before their 7 September Board meeting.



a)    the format and content of the report reflect the H&WB comments listed above;

b)    the Board contribute to the development of the Strategy through a workshop session to take place at 2.00pm on 7 September prior to their Board meeting;

c)    the broader implications of the Strategy be considered at the 7 September workshop.


For Information


The H&WB received the following items for information only:

·         JSNA Intelligence


Forward Plan pdf icon PDF 402 KB

The Forward Plan sets out the work of the Board and is reviewed at each meeting.


Members are asked to agree their next meeting agenda based on their discussions during this meeting and the work outlined in the Forward Plan. 



In considering the Forward Plan the Board noted the following items scheduled for their September meeting:

Items for decision –

·         Children & Families Strategic Partnership (delivery plan for approval)

·         SASSOT (local delivery fund update on progress)

·         Burton/Derby Hospital transformation

·         All-Age Disability

Items for debate –

·         STP

Items for information –

·         H&WB Strategy


Members also requested the following additions to their Forward Plan:

·         the outcome of the Communications Team language testing over the proposed conversation title “Dying to Talk”;


RESOLVED – That the additions to the Forward Plan be agreed.