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Health and Wellbeing Board Prevention and STP Alignment Strategy

Meeting: 07/06/2018 - Health and Wellbeing Board (Item 7)

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Jon Topham, Senior Commissioning Manager


Following the H&WB development session in May the proposed focus for the Board will be to act as the strategic body with responsibility for prevention. This would ensure delivery of the Health and Wellbeing Strategy and the STP Prevention Workshop through an appropriate Action Plan, with assurance of progress directly as well as through subgroups such as the Family Strategic Partnership Board.


The Board also offered a democratic voice for the STP via the councillor representatives, reflecting what the Staffordshire population they represent may or may not accept and acting as a democratic sounding board. County, District and Borough Councillors had a community leadership role and could act as useful enablers in disseminating information and discussing issues. Each H&WB member also had a role to play in sharing information and championing H&WB issues within the organisations they represent.


Discussions were taking place between Stoke and Staffordshire H&WBs to develop closer working, with the possibility of establishing  a committee in common to avoid duplication of discussion of STP issues. Ultimately it was hoped to bring the two Boards together in the future.


A key strength of the Board was the wide range of partners represented. It was proposed to review membership to ensure members and their organisations were able to contribute to the prevention agenda of the H&WB.





a)    the proposed revised focus for the Board be noted;

b)    a review of the terms of reference, membership and agenda format be agreed; and

c)    a role description for members be developed.