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Health and Wellbeing Board Strategy

Meeting: 07/06/2018 - Health and Wellbeing Board (Item 6)

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Jon Topham, Senior Commissioning Manager, Public Health

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The Health and Wellbeing Strategy had a focus on keeping people healthier for longer. The Strategy looked at extending healthy life years and had four key areas of activity:

·         Healthy environments

·         Supportive communities

·         Voice/conversations

·         Data and digital

Relating to this work Members noted that there is the Physical Activities Working Group and the Family Strategic Partnership Board.


Following consultation, results were encouraging (although the public consultation was still ongoing). So far results showed that the Strategy and operational framework aligned with public perception. Key areas of action identified to date were: giving people access to their wellbeing information; clear and consistent messaging; better co-ordination of services; improved information and advice; and, recognise the barriers to change. The Strategy aimed to encourage individuals to take responsibility for making a positive difference to their own health and wellbeing.


The Strategy and its direction of travel were aligned with the STP.



a)    the Strategy be approved;

b)    the consultation findings be noted;

c)    the direction of travel and alignment with the STP and the stronger strategic and leadership role with regard to prevention be noted; and,

d)    the delivery consideration be noted.