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Families Strategic Partnership Annual Report 2017/18

Meeting: 07/06/2018 - Health and Wellbeing Board (Item 9)

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Helen Riley, Deputy Chief Executive and Director for Families & Communities

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The Families Strategic Partnership (FSP) had produced it’s first Annual Report which monitored progress in delivering the Staffordshire’s Children, Young People and Families Strategy.  The Report detailed the activities of the FSP during 2017/18 and gave a high-level overview of key activities to be undertaken during 2018/19. In particular the Report highlighted the FSP contribution towards delivery of the following three H&WB priorities:

·         Starting Well – every child has the best possible start in life to reduce differences in the quality of people’s health and wellbeing in the future;

·         Growing Well – children and young people are supported to reach their potential so that they can have greater control over their lives; and

·         Living Well – children, young people and adults are supported to make good lifestyle choices.


The Board heard details of the FSP work around earliest help. It also heard of the work around the place based approach and the specific work in Tamworth around early identification of risks and the work to mitigate these using cross agency and third sector approaches.


Children and young peoples’ emotional health and wellbeing was a key current issue, particularly in respect of the effects of bullying and misuse of social media. A presentation shared with the FSP on JSNA data of children’s emotional wellbeing would be shared with Board members after the meeting for their information.


Whilst the Annual report was welcomed the Board suggested a glossary of terms would be a helpful addition.


RESOLVED : That the FSP Annual Report 2017/18 be endorsed and that their contribution towards delivery of the three H&WB priorities listed above be acknowledged.