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Public Health Matrix

Meeting: 07/06/2018 - Health and Wellbeing Board (Item 8)

8 Health and Wellbeing Action Plan pdf icon PDF 610 KB

Karen Bryson, Assistant Director, Public Health & Protection


The Health and Wellbeing Strategy had an aspiration, “to help people stay as well as they can to reduce the growing pressure on services”, the key outcome being more people living beyond 64 in good health. An Action Plan had been developed as the delivery plan for the Strategy, whilst also serving as the delivery plan for the County Council’s Public Health and Prevention agenda as well as the STP’s Prevention work stream.


Members received an outline of the Action Plan which identified: six population groups; six enabling priorities for action; and outcomes and performance indicators.


An amendment was requested to explicitly include alcohol in the schematic alongside substance misuse and smoking.


The actions identified would not be tackled at the same time but were an emerging and rolling programme of work tackled both by Public Health and partner organisations. The initial work would be around the 40-60 age group and the use of digital data and technologies.



a)    the outline of the H&WB Action Plan be endorsed as the delivery plan for the H&WB Strategy;

b)    the plan be developed in more detail;

c)    the H&WB oversee the implementation and assure progress;

d)    Board Members ensure the organisations they represent understand the Plan and play an active role in its implementation.